Defeat the Yips. Reclaim your game.

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The device for your success

The TYCHE T1 is a new type of training device that uses a scientifically tested approach to help you overcome the yips and reclaim your game.
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The S1 measures the statistics of your putting motion
The BaseUnit enables you to perform your exercises according to your training plan
The Smart Coach analyzes your progress and creates your personal training plan

How it works

The tree components of the T1 are designed to effectively work on your putting stroke through movement guidance and ball-interfering excersises.
Play the Video to see it in action.

What is the yips?

The yips are involuntary tremors or spasms in your forearms and hands just prior to impact. They poison your putting stroke, transforming a smooth pendulum motion into an uncontrollable and inconsistent movement. The yips don’t just ruin your score. They spoil your enjoyment of the game.

Why we make the difference

We know about the burden of struggling with the yips. Having the Yips doesn’t mean a loss of skill, it rather snaps in at the wrong moment to ruin an otherwise fine stroke. This is why we take a fresh approach to the age-old problem, using high-tech components to help overcoming the yips.

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