What is the yips?

The yips is a spontaneous breakdown of a once perfectly executable, fine motor skill like putting. Yips also involves other precision intense sports like tennis or baseball, as well as piano players. Despite a popular believe, the yips is not mentally induced and a change in the technique or the putter might only provide a short time relief. Fortunately, we developed an assistant to guide through the process of relearning the stroke and defeat the yips.

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Our method

The TYCHE T1 engages the player in various exercises and, during the training, confronts him with the ball being hold and only released sporadically every few attempts. Thus, a new feeling of hitting the ball and an accurate stroke are trained. Even though, instantaneous success in defeating yips occurs immediately when engaging with the TYCHE T1, a long-lasting effect and a solid putting game are the outcome of steady training and the following three steps being mastered.

Our Method

1. Regain the lost feel

Players suffering from the yips often report no feeling of the club and the movement right before the impact. The TYCHE T1 uses various exercises to teach this feeling again by blocking the ball randomly. The abrupt stop directs the power of the impact to the player’s hands and forearms. Interrupted and completed strokes combined familiarize the player with the feedback of hitting the ball again.

Training Progress Graph

2. Unlearn behaviour

The TYCHE T1 helps to unlearn the inconsistent and wrong putting motion resulting from the yips. By constantly giving feedback and guiding the player to relearn and perform a correct putting motion, firstly unintentional yips-free strokes become more and more frequent until the golfer is able to execute a controlled and smooth putting motion again.

3. Regain confidence

Once the right movement is memorized, the TYCHE T1 helps with overcoming anxiety and gaining confidence in the putts again. Because after all, it is the trust in one’s abilities that makes a great player.

„If you told me to go around the corner and stand on my head for five minutes and then come over and putt, I would have tried it. I was very desperate.“

Mark O'Meara, Member of the World Golf Hall of Fame

Do the self test

  1. Place 5 balls 5 foot away from the hole on a flat surface
  2. Putt the balls consecutively only using your leading hand
  3. Pay attention to your club feeling and the putter face rotation
If you see some inordinate putter face rotation or jerking of the forearm shortly before and after the impact with the ball, it may be the yips. If you are not sure, we’d recommend consulting a putting coach to review the movement.

The device for your success

Designed for use at home or on the practice green, TYCHE T1 is the only device that’s been scientifically proven to help you defeat the yips.