Why we make

We know about the burden of struggling with the yips. Having the Yips doesn’t mean a loss of skill, it rather snaps in at the wrong moment to ruin an otherwise fine stroke. This is why we take a fresh approach to the age-old problem, using high-tech components to help overcoming the yips..

Get better. Reclaim your game.

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Our history

It was Rene’s father Reinhard – a passionate golfer—who unintentionally introduced him to the yips. An avid golfer, he was stricken by the yips at age 53. Suddenly unable to execute a smooth putting stroke, he saw his scores increase by an average of five strokes per round. Deeply frustrated, and frequently embarrassed by his problem, he searched far and wide for solutions but found none. He came close to quitting his favorite sport. A neurobiologist at the time, Rene was fascinated by his father’s struggles. He set up a research project to gain a better understanding of the yips. In the course of that study, the idea was born for an automated device to help addled golfers. Today, we are proud to present the TYCHE T1, the first scientifically proven tool to help golfers defeat the yips.

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Our promise

Latest research suggests that there are various reasons for suffering with the yips has. Thus, it is important to address the issue on different levels at the same time, which is is why we train systematically on all of these levels and provide different exercises. Ever since the training method had been developed, we have been double checking the results to fine tune the training protocol together with amateur and professional golfers. The TYCHE T1 training method, paired with the golfer’s experience represents the most holistic therapy against the yips ever employed.

Our Promise

The device for your success

Designed for use at home or on the practice green, TYCHE T1 is the only device that’s been scientifically proven to help you defeat the yips.