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    How do the putting yips develop?
    The putting yips occurs when a learned putting motion is performed excessively. Repeating and automating the putting stroke leads to a decrease in information sent from the brain to the arm and vice versa, which makes the body use complementing strategies without you recognizing it. Hence, the motion starts to change gradually and the feeling of the stroke fades. Involuntary and uncontrollable muscle spasm, called the yips, is the result.
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    Why do I have the yips?
    Although the factors causing the yips are known, it can not be determined exactly which of the factors are causing the yips in the individual case. Still, it is a fact that, the likelihood of getting the yips raises the better one plays golf.
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    Do hobby golfers also get the yips?
    Although the putting yips is more common with professional golfers, amateur and hobby golfers are not spared from it. The putting yips gets usually more common, the more someone puts.
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    Where can I learn more about the yips?
    Please feel free to contact us anytime: We always appreciate contact and try to answer your questions verbosely.
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    How often should I use the TYCHE T1?
    We recommend using the TYCHE T1 3-4 times a week for 40 minutes for optimal results. You will, however, receive instant feedback from the Smart Coach at the end of every session which enables you to track your progress and adapt the program to your needs.
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    How long does it take to defeat the yips?
    The time needed to defeat the yips depends strongly on very individual factors like the severity of the yips or the time spent training. So far, most users reported an improvement after a few weeks, but it might take longer to reclaim a yips-free stroke and retrieve it on the golf course.
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    Why should I purchase the T1 and not work on the yips with my trainer?
    First and foremost, you should choose the method that you are most comfortable with and that helps you the most. The effectiveness of the personal training depends largely on a number of factors – one of them is the trainer’s knowledge about the yips. The TYCHE T1 will help you to defeat the yips effectively without the dependence on a yips-specialized trainer and any training facilities. It is created by experts and scientifically proven.
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    Is it possible to have other people train with it?
    It is possible to have others train with your TYCHE T1 as long as the third party owns an existing TYCHE Smart Coach account. We strongly advise against letting somebody use the TYCHE T1 system with your account data, as it will distort your data and progress.
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    What do I do if my TYCHE T1 does not work properly anymore?
    Please read the included user manual for immediate support. Is the information provided not sufficient please contact our support team: You will receive an answer within 24 hours.
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    Can I use the Sensor on the course as well?
    The sensor is meant to be used with the BaseUnit and the mobile application at the moment. However, we are currently working on a system with functionality to be used on the course.
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    Does the App run on my smartphone, tablet and computer?
    The Smart Coach is developed for iOS version X or Android version X. Therefore, you can use the Smart Coach on every device that operates on one of these systems, including Smartphones and Tablets. It is not yet possible to track your progress on a computer.